toms Sko for salg The storage industry is undergoing rapid structural toms Sko for salg change that’s not been seen in decades.
My best soundbite is that storage is in toms Sko for salg the process of collapsing. Once a standalone topic,toms Sko for salg storage is clearly pulling away from our familiar model of external storage arrays, and disappearing into the fabric of servers and hypervisors.
toms Sko for salg While we all like to talk about disruptive industry changes,toms Sko for salg this one perhaps is the ultimate disruption: it impacts every aspect of storage: the core technology, the consumption model,toms Sko for salg the integration model as well as the operational model.
As a result, most everything we’ve come to know about storage changes going forward. For most people, what you think you know isn’t toms Sko for salg how it’s going to be before too long.
toms Sko for salg Let’s take a closer look at each of these toms Sko for salg “collapses” going on with storage today.
toms Sko for salg flash_pictureFor the last twenty years, external storage arrays have been built on toms Sko for salg proprietary hardware, running highly specialized microcode. Vendors would compete on performance, functionality,toms Sko for salg support and price.
toms Sko for salg However — looking strictly through a technologist’s eyes — there have always been toms Sko for salg a core challenge with this model. Component technology evolves quickly, and it takes considerable time for storage array vendors toms Sko for salg to qualify the faster/better/cheaper thing.
toms Sko for salg Backwards compatibility was a concern too — would the new widget work in the array that’s toms Sko for salg already sitting on the floor? Sometimes — but often a new array would have to be purchased to get the benefit of the toms Sko for salg faster/better/cheaper components. More delay, more cost.
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