toms Sko billig For the last twenty years, external storage has been largely been its own world,toms Sko billig and servers and applications in a different one. Many useful bridges have been built over the years — various flavors of storage networks and protocols, APIs, plug-ins,toms Sko billig management tools — in an effort to bridge the two worlds — but the gaps and seams are still obvious.
Some examples? Today, most arrays don’t toms Sko billig natively understand applications, and application boundaries. A change in application policy toms Sko billig isn’t automatically understood by the array. We still live in a world of “bottoms up” provisioning — carve the array, and hope it will be intelligently consumed.toms Sko billig The idea of a dedicated storage network is starting to look quaint and rustic.
toms Sko billig If you’ve ever spent time on an AS/400 for example, you’ll notice that storage toms Sko billig concepts are integrated throughout — it’s not seen as a separate island. While I’m not arguing we should return to the 1980s, our current fixation with technology silos and toms Sko billig functional islands hasn’t been that way forever.
200434789-001The pendulum swings.toms Sko billig Storage functionality and data services have begun their inevitable march closer to the toms Sko billig servers and applications they serve. Given this view, the hypervisor is in a uniquely privileged architectural position to absorb this functionality. It can see each and every workload.toms Sko billig It sees all infrastructure resources. And it is a convenient point to attach policies that drive application-specific behaviors.
toms Sko billig It’s fair to point out that simply using servers to run storage software might impact toms Sko billig the technology and consumption model, but leaves the storage integration model unchanged. Storage still remains a logically isolated island that must be bridged to toms Sko billig the world of applications and virtualization.
Here is the final — and perhaps most significant —toms Sko billig collapse of the traditional storage model.
toms Sko billig Storage operations have typically been performed by storage professionals in most IT settings.toms Sko billig They have their own workflows, their own certification, their own way of looking at the world.
The same can be generally said about virtualization professionals.toms Sko billig All the usual IT workflows go back and forth between the two groups: provisioning,toms Sko billig monitoring, troubleshooting, capacity planning, performance management — it’s quite a list.
toms Sko billig many_armsWhen storage collapses into servers, software and ultimately the hypervisor,toms Sko billig there is much less need for dedicated storage expertise. Nor for the inefficient workflows that go back and forth. The vSphere team can do most of what they need to do without involving or engaging the storage team.toms Sko billig This frees the storage team to work on the really hard problems where they can create the most value vs. consumed with day-to-day operations.
toms Sko billig In essence, the default storage operational model collapses into the general virtualization toms Sko billig(and cloud) workflows: be they manual, scripted or fully automated. It becomes one thing to manage from a single control point vs. multiple things to manage with multiple control points.
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