Billige Toms Sko This familiar storage technology base is quickly giving way to industry standard servers running software.Billige Toms Sko The price/performance advantage is remarkable, as is the pace of evolution of server technology, flash drives and the like. The newer widgets are available sooner,Billige Toms Sko and with much less impact on the installed environment.
middleman_1Some traditional storage vendors have Billige Toms Sko started to offer array-like packages of storage software running on preconfigured industry standard servers,Billige Toms Sko lowering costs in the process — also with the advantage of a singular support model.
Billige Toms Sko But customers aren’t always appreciative of the hardware middleman. Maybe they already have a preferred server vendor.Billige Toms Sko Maybe they want unique configurations. Better than what came before, though.
Either way, the trend is clear: storage is Billige Toms Sko starting its inexorable move — away from purpose-built storage arrays,Billige Toms Sko to a software-plus-server model.
Billige Toms Sko In the traditional array model, IT buys storage from one or more storage vendors.Billige Toms Sko Storage arrays can be large and comparatively exboxpensive boxes. Planning is required, as well as negotiations. Attention to detail is mandatory, as mistakes can be expensive.
In the new model, storage capacity is Billige Toms Sko acquired from the server vendor — it’s part of the server buy. One advantage is that the acquisition increments can Billige Toms Sko be much smaller — a few components here, an additional server there. No big acquisitions that demand everyone’s attention for weeks at a time. Less need to plan ahead,Billige Toms Sko more flexibility in making continual adjustments.
Billige Toms Sko Per-unit acquisition costs are lower — often much lower. The exact same storage component Billige Toms Sko found in an average storage array will usually be priced much more when when compared to a purchase as part of a server buy. Why? There’s less economic overhead Billige Toms Sko— server supply chains are pretty efficient.
Billige Toms Sko Indeed, the industry analysts have started to create new categories to capture this growing Billige Toms Sko shift in storage consumption behavior.
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